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Introducing Fugro AtomiChron®, the pinnacle of global, real-time clock synchronization and authentication service, driven by GNSS technology. Engineered for applications demanding unwavering precision, unparalleled reliability, and formidable accuracy, Fugro AtomiChron® sets a new standard in time and frequency management. Revolutionize your operations with a service that surpasses traditional atomic clock solutions and approaches the performance of hydrogen maser systems.


  1. High Uptime and Reliability:

    • Operates independently of ground networks, GNSS, and geostationary satellites, ensuring continuous and dependable performance.

  2. Lightweight and Scalable:

    • A cost-efficient alternative that eliminates the need for expensive atomic clocks, making it accessible and adaptable for diverse applications.

  3. Traceable Time:

    • Ideal for regulated environments requiring audit trails, providing traceable time references that meet stringent compliance standards.

  4. Affordable Solution:

    • A high-accuracy reference that is cost-effective for any campaign, offering uncompromising precision without breaking the budget.

  5. Navigation Message Authentication:

    • Bolstered security through signed navigation messages and encrypted digital signatures, instilling trust in your synchronized time.

  6. Accurate Time Synchronization:

    • Utilizes a vast network of ground stations to deliver correction values directly to end-user devices, enhancing performance beyond standard GNSS reception.

  7. Proprietary Global Reference Network:

    • Leverages four GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo), two network control centers, and an extensive array of geodetic reference receivers distributed worldwide for independent, high-quality data processing and services.

  8. High Availability and Redundancy:

    • Dual primary network control centers and dual shadow control centers, interconnected via trunk lines, ensure an uptime track record exceeding 99.999% over the past 12 months, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

Key Specifications:

  • Timing Accuracy: <5 ns UTC (95% of the time)
  • Accuracy: <1 ns to Fugro AtomiChron® timescale (independent of worldwide location)
  • Performance Improvement: Over 10x better than existing high-end GNSS receivers.
  • NMA Status: Per satellite status available for all four GNSS constellations concurrently.

Fugro AtomiChron® represents a game-changing leap in time synchronization and authentication. Rely on a service that combines unprecedented precision, security, and reliability to elevate your operations to new heights. Experience the future of time management with Fugro AtomiChron®.

(requires Septentrio Mosaic-T module and TimeCard v9)

The purchase options listed are for information and a sales outreach from the Timebeat team, you will not receive the AtomiChron® service which is a paid for service.

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