Collection: Open Timecard Mini

Welcome to the industry-leading solution for synchronizing time across multiple devices in local and wide-scale settings. Adaptable and open-hardware-based, the product guarantees complete interoperability and maximum clock sync security.

The Open Timecard Mini provides an all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution for clock sync

Why Open Timecard Mini?

  • Save space

    The CM4 PCIe base board makes it easy to integrate your CM4 into existing devices such as PCs or servers, saving space and simplifying your workspace.

  • Full featured

    The base board takes complete advantage of all the CM4 IO board features with the 40Pin GPIO available, 2 USB-C ports, microHDMI port eMMC boot port and a USB-A port

  • Compatible with Sandwich boards

    Timebeat also makes sandwich boards that slot under the CM4 on the base board allowing access to be maintained to the GPIO pins, enhancing your projects further.

What's inside the Open Timecard Mini?

What's the different between editions?

  • Open Timecard Mini Gold

    Will come with: 

    -Timebeat OCXO SiTIME expansion module SiT5711

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  • Open Timecard Mini Platinum

    Will come with:

    Timebeat OCXO SiTIME expansion module SiT5711

    Intel i226 network card with Timebeat PPS breakout board

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  • Open Timecard Mini Platinum+

    Will come with:

    Timebeat OCXO SiTIME expansion module SiT5711

    Intel E810-XXVDA2 with Timebeat custom bracket and PPS breakout.

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