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G0kK-1 MAX

G0kK-1 MAX

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The G0kK-1 MAX suits any infrastructure, with up to a whopping 400gbps interface it can seamlessly fit any network topology.

Every model in the G0kK-1 Series comes with all the capabilities of Timebeat Enterprise. With Timebeat technology every G0kK-1 can become a PTP+Squared root node providing nanosecond synchronisation which is verifiable in real time.

The G0kK-1 MAX is a powerhouse of the grandmaster clock world which can distribute >40,000 PTP sessions, comes with multiple holdover options and is the perfect host solution for our vGMC technology. 
The G0kK-1 series utilises vGMC technology making them the first system to provide a truly multi-tenant time feed distribution system.

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The Basic model provides all the great features of the G0kK-1 MAX but with reduced performance from the oscillator.




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Timebeat's vGMC technology is the perfect compliment to the G0KK-1 Series scaling capabilities. With thousands of PTP sessions available on demand and completely seperate.

If you operate a TaaS environment you should really take a closer look into vGMC