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OCP-TAP Timecard - CSAC

OCP-TAP Timecard - CSAC

GPS module
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From the brilliant OCP-TAP team at Meta (Julian St. James, Mike Lambeta, Ahmad Byagowi, and Chris Robles) comes the Timebeat OCP-TAP TimeCard!

The TimeCard allows any x86_64 machine with a NIC capable of hardware time-stamping to be turned into a best-in-class Grandmaster time system. This system is agnostic to whether it runs for NTP, PTP, SyncE, or any other time synchronization protocol since the accuracy and stability provided by the TimeCard best-in-class technology for your synchronisation needs.

The beauty of using PCIe cards is that the setup can be assembled even on a home PC or state-of-the-art server, as long as it has enough PCIe slots available.

The TimeCard operates with open sync stacks as well as pairing perfectly with Timebeat's Enterprise sync software. 

The TimeCard has a flexible design and multiple customisations you can add. These customisations can be dual GPS / GNSS receivers, Oscillator modules, or even FPGA software.

To discuss these options or how to best utilise the TimeCards extensive functionality get in touch via

For quick ordering we have 3 standard designs which are available in both single and dual GPS / GNSS module options:

  • TimeCard with a Rubidium Oscillator (current rubidium is Quartzlock E10-MRX unit with option 95) <-- It's a great product!
  • TimeCard with a Quartz Oscillator (OCXO)
  • TimeCard with a Caesium Oscillator (CSAC) 

The TimeCard is a versatile solution that provides up to an atomic clock standard of synchronisation in a PCIe format, perfect for data centre solutions or systems requiring best-in-class performance with a minimal footprint.
Unlike traditional grandmaster clocks the TimeCard is completely Open technology which means you can get the full performance without any vendor tie-in or lock-up.

For full details on the TimeCard and the supporting projects check out the below links

Time Card is the heart of the Open Time Server Project.
This spec can be accessed using

For volume discounts get in touch at

(lead times may vary and oscillator manufacturer may vary depending on stock contact for a detailed discussion or specific requests)

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Timebeat's vGMC technology is the perfect compliment to the G0KK-1 Series scaling capabilities. With thousands of PTP sessions available on demand and completely seperate.

If you operate a TaaS environment you should really take a closer look into vGMC