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OCP-TAP Timecard - Microchip MAC-SA53 (Production Ready Technology)

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Introducing the OCP-TAP Microchip MAC-SA53 Edition from Timebeat- The flagship solution of the OCP-TAP TimeCard range

The OCP-TAP Microchip MAC-SA53 Edition from Timebeat with an unwavering focus on essential technical specifications, this timekeeping solution delivers unbeatable accuracy and reliability:

  • Operating Temperature: Thriving in a temperature range from e –40˚C to +75˚C, it ensures precise performance across diverse conditions.

  • Holdover Accuracy: Maintaining accuracy within <200 nanoseconds after 24 hours of continuous operation, it guarantees consistent timekeeping.

  • Output Signal Frequency: A reliable 10MHz signal frequency serves as the foundation for synchronised operations.

  • Frequency Accuracy at Shipment: Ensuring an accuracy of ±5x10^-11 upon shipment, it provides immediate precision upon installation.

  • Power Supply: Operating with a +5V power supply, it is designed for stable performance.

  • Power Consumption: With a maximum power consumption of 14W at startup, it optimizes power usage.

  • Lock Time: Achieving synchronization in under 8 minutes at +25°C, it delivers efficient and dependable performance.

Create a white box grandmaster clock solution with the OCP-TAP TimeCard elevating x86 systems to their full potential.

Elevate your timekeeping to new heights of precision with the OCP-TAP Rubidium Ultra Edition. It's not just a timekeeping solution; it's your assurance of accuracy and reliability in every moment. Choose precision. Choose the OCP-TAP Rubidium Ultra Edition.

Sub-microsecond holdover for 48 hour missions*
• Drift rate <5x10-11Hz/Hz /mo (SA55)
• Operating Temperature –40˚C to +75˚C
• Temperature-induced frequency errors <5x10-11 Hz/Hz
from –10˚C to +75˚C
• Backwards compatible pin-out/footprint of legacy MACSA.3Xm oscillator
• Rapid, reliable warm-up time <8 minutes
• 1PPS output and input for easy calibration/
• New software allows greater control and health
• Lead free: RoHS compliant
• Small size: 2 × 2 × 0.7 inches
*Predicted assuming zero initial phase/frequency offset, static
environment, 25˚C, on for 30 days prior to holdover.

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