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OCP-TAP TimeCard OCXO Board (Rakon ROD2522S2 PPSDO 10MHz)

OCP-TAP TimeCard OCXO Board (Rakon ROD2522S2 PPSDO 10MHz)

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The OCP-TAP TimeCard OCXO board gives you the best of both worlds - rock-solid stability from a Rakon 25x22 leading Quartz Oscillator, plus an incredible 1.5 μs/24hr holdover capability that you just can't beat. Now you don't have to choose between rubidium and OCXO, because you can now swap out for both!

The ROD2522S2 – the world’s smallest 24-hour holdover PPS Disciplined OCXO. The 25 x 22 x 12 mm surface-mount device is the first 0.5 ppb pk-pk class PPS Disciplined OCXO that achieves a holdover of 24 hours (1.5 µs, 5°C temperature windows). Nominal frequencies are available between 10 to 20 MHz. The ROD2522S2 offers an extended temperature range of -40°C to 95°C and achieves a frequency ageing of less than 0.2 ppb/day, with maximum compensated ageing of 0.02 ppb/day.

The product offers a significantly reduced package size and low power consumption for this performance level. With advanced circuity and a simulation optimised thermo-mechanical construction, these integrated solutions enable the PPS Disciplined OCXO to run smart compensation in a small package.

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Alternative options are the Rakon Mercury Plus OCXO offering ~10ppb and the SiTime SiT5011 offering ~200ppb.

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