Open Time Server - 2RU Chassis

Network Adapter: 1GbE
Oscillator: OCXO - Rakon ROD2522S2
Frequency Output Card: Yes
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Regular price £13,200.00
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Revolutionise your time synchronisation infrastructure with the Open Time Server (OTS). Designed to democratise timing solutions, this innovative deployment represents a leap forward in precision, reliability, and accessibility.

Transform x86 Servers with Unprecedented Ease:

With our Time Card and Timebeats expertise, the Open Time Server empowers organisations to convert any x86 machine equipped with a NIC capable of hardware time-stamping into a best-in-class Grandmaster time system. Say goodbye to complex installations and lengthy setups - streamline your time synchronisation process and unleash the full potential of your infrastructure in no time.

Open Source Flexibility:

Embrace the freedom to choose your preferred time synchronisation protocol with our open-source approach. Whether you rely on NTP, PTP, SyncE, or any other standard, the Open Time Server delivers unmatched accuracy and stability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.

Scalable, Validated Reference Architecture:

Experience the future of open time servers, boasting a scalable design that ensures seamless time distribution across your network. Harness the power of external sources such as GNSS signals to enhance accuracy and reliability, while aligning with DC standards for unparalleled precision. Embrace the versatility of open-source software, backed by a validated reference architecture that guarantees performance, scalability, and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  1. Ease of Deployment: Transform ordinary x86 servers into Grandmaster time systems effortlessly, thanks to our Time Card and Timebeats expertise.

  2. Protocol Agnostic: Enjoy flexibility in protocol selection, as the Open Time Server is compatible with NTP, PTP, SyncE, and more, ensuring suitability for diverse applications.

  3. Scalability: Scale your time synchronisation infrastructure seamlessly to meet evolving demands, with a design optimised for distributed networks.

  4. Reliability: Rely on the accuracy and stability of our solution, aligned with DC standards and reinforced by external sources such as GNSS signals.

  5. Open Source Advantage: Embrace the benefits of open-source software, coupled with a validated reference architecture that ensures performance and compatibility.

Unlock the potential of precise time synchronisation with the Open Time Server and elevate your organisation's operations to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

Chassis Build:
1U: HPE DL360 Gen10- Dual Xeon - 32GB RAM - 800W - Redundant PSU
2U: HPE DL380 Gen10- Dual Xeon - 32GB RAM - 800W - Redundant PSU

Clock module OCP-TAP Timecard available upon request

Network Adapter:

1GbE: Intel i226
10/25GbE: Intel E810
100/200GbE: Nvidia CX6


Rubidium - Microchip MAC-SA53 & Rubidium - Microchip MAC - SA55:

Sub-microsecond holdover for 48 hour missions*
• Drift rate <5x10-11Hz/Hz /mo (SA55)
• Operating Temperature –40˚C to +75˚C
• Temperature-induced frequency errors <5x10-11 Hz/Hz
from –10˚C to +75˚C
• Backwards compatible pin-out/footprint of legacy MACSA.3Xm oscillator
• Rapid, reliable warm-up time <8 minutes
• 1PPS output and input for easy calibration/
• New software allows greater control and health
• Lead free: RoHS compliant
• Small size: 2 × 2 × 0.7 inches
*Predicted assuming zero initial phase/frequency offset, static
environment, 25˚C, on for 30 days prior to holdover.

OCXO - Rakon ROD2522S2:

24-hour holdover (1.5 μs, 4°C temperature windows) 
Frequency stability (FvT): <0.5 ppb pk-pk over -40 to 85°C 
low ageing: <0.2 ppb/day 
Compensated ageing: <0.02 ppb/day 
Small form factor and low height

Frequency Output Card:

7 fixed outputs. 1 fixed internal input and 1 configurable external input/output.
The standard 4 outputs can be expanded externally through 3 internal MMCX connectors when using the long-form factor bracket.
Total clock skew of 50 picoseconds. 
This unit is capable of 1Hz to 200Mhz.

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