Open Time Server: G0kK-1μ OCXO

£5,250.00 - £13,500.00
TimeCard: TimeCard Rakon 25x22 OCXO
Network card: 1gbps (intel i225 or equivalent)
Support: 1 year support
Regular price £9,750.00
Regular price Sale price £9,750.00
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Regular price £9,750.00
Regular price Sale price £9,750.00

 The G0kK-1μ Grandmaster Clock is a revolutionary innovation in clock technology, making multi-tenant clock systems achievable with our vGMC technology. 

Customizable to your specific needs with 1/10/100/200 Gbps options for Network card interfaces and the customisable OCXO provides up to a resounding 1.5us holdover per 24-hour period.

Plus, the OCP-TAP TimeCard or TimeCard mini makes it even easier to get the most out of this powerful system! Experience the power of this rack-mountable grandmaster clock today!

The G0kK-1μ is a sleek, and powerful grandmaster clock that can distribute >10,000 PTP sessions



See OCP-TAP TimeCard OCXO spec

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