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The G0kK-1 Series

Every model in the G0kK-1 Series comes with all the capabilities of... 

TimeCard Mini

A collection of parts, accessories, and modules for the TimeCard mini eco-system 

  • Timebeat Enterprise

    Timebeat enterprise is a comprehensive system which provides nanosecond synchronisation and PTP/PPS distribution across operating systems. Our level of monitoring and metrics is unbeaten especially when you consider PTP+Squared provides real-time verification to your sync.

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  • Timebeat License Generator

    Timebeat Enterprise is Free but you still need a license.

    Just add to your basket and checkout (no credit card required) and you will be sent a link to generate your own Timebeat Enterprise license.

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  • Timebeat automated backed deployer

    Timebeat operates best when utilising the elastic database and Grafana front end.

    The simple commands below will set you up in minutes with a complete out-of-the-box deployment of all the Timebeat dependencies.

    FREE Backend deployer