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Turn any PC or Server into an enterprise grade PTP & NTP grandmaster clock.

Flexible timing solutions in a PCIe card form factor allow you to

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A fully built, customisable grand master clock with flexible modular system to create the perfect solution for you.

With chassis ranges from refurb HP, Brand new HP Gen 10's, Timebeat's Brand new custom G0kK-1 edition or even a devicefully spec'd to order by you.

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About Timebeat

At Timebeat we look to reduce the barriers to enterprise grade timing equipment and rigid vendor appliances through the use of Open Technology and flexible form factor equipment.

The world of timing is evolving from previously rack mountable units to the wider world with the increase in IoT, 5G, Industry 4.0 and SmartX.

This is why we spearheaded the Open Time Project, to make timing accessible to all industries in a form factor they require.

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Jeff Geerling took his TimeCard mini to ITX!

Frequently asked Questions

Do you ship to my region

We ship globally, if you don't see your region when at checkout get in touch with one of our experts.

Is the product i'm looking for in stock and available

You will be able to tell on the product page whether or not a product is in stock and available, as the availability of the product will be listed as the number of products in inventory, "Out of stock" In the event there is no stock number and the unit does not read "Out of stock" these items are still able to be purchased but may have an added 1-2 weeks delivery schedule or are a Pre-Order solution. If in doubt though get in touch.

What are your returns policies

Damaged items can be serviced via manufacturer's warranty. Clearance items are not returnable unless damaged during the shipping process.

When will I receive my order

Most of our products are delivered within 1-2 weeks. Specialty appliances or pre-order units may take longer for delivery.

Where do I go for support

We want to make sure you get the most out of your units so details and support questions can be raised at https://support.timebeat.app

Is express shipping available

Express shipping can be available on certain units, always get in touch if you require shipping methods not seen online