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UBLOX NEO-M9N compatible (RCB form, compatible with OCP-TAP TimeCard and standalone)

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Regular price £275.00
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Introducing the NEO-M9N module by u-blox, your gateway to precision in GNSS technology.

Unlocking the potential for ultra-robust, meter-level GNSS positioning, the NEO-M9N module sets a new standard in accuracy and reliability. With the power of concurrent reception from four different GNSS systems, you can trust it to deliver maximum position availability, even in challenging environments.

But that's not all - the NEO-M9N goes above and beyond, boasting advanced spoofing and jamming detection capabilities, ensuring your location data remains secure and untampered.

Furthermore, its excellent RF interference mitigation guarantees that you stay connected, even in the noisiest of RF environments.

Choose the NEO-M9N module for precision you can rely on, and take your GNSS positioning to the next level.

Ultra-robust meter-level GNSS positioning
Maximum position availability with concurrent reception of 4 GNSS
Advanced spoofing and jamming detection
Excellent RF interference mitigation
Pin-compatible with previous NEO products

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