Collection: Open Time Server

Experience the future of open time servers, boasting a scalable design that ensures seamless time distribution across your network. Harness the power of external sources such as GNSS signals to enhance accuracy and reliability, while aligning with DC standards for unparalleled precision.

Embrace the versatility of open-source software, backed by a validated reference architecture that guarantees performance, scalability, and peace of mind.

Main features

  • Ease of Deployment

    Transform ordinary x86 servers into Grandmaster time systems.

  • Protocol Agnostic

    Flexible protocol selection, compatible with NTP, PTP, SyncE, and more.

  • Scalability

    Seamlessly scale your time infrastructure to meet evolving demands in distributed networks.

  • Reliability

    Aligned with DC standards and reinforced by external sources such as GNSS signals.

  • Open Source

    Validated reference architecture that ensures performance and compatibility.

  • DL20

  • DL360

  • DL380