Collection: Timebeat TimeCard mini

Timebeat CM4 base board

The only PCIe board for CM4s

With full compatibility with the Raspberry Pi CM4, the Timebeat base board saves, space, time and effort..... plus it looks cool!

  • Timebeat CM4 base board

    Save Space

    The CM4 PCIe base board allows you to easily integrate your CM4 into existing devices such as PC's or servers. Save space and simplify your workspace. The simplest way to integrate your CM4

  • Full featured

    The base board takes complete advantage of all the CM4 IO board features with the 40Pin GPIO available, 2 USB-C ports, microHDMI port eMMC boot port and a USB-A port

  • Compatible with Sandwich boards

    Timebeat also makes sandwich boards that slot under the CM4 on the base board allowing access to be maintained to the GPIO pins, enhancing your projects further.