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TimeCard mini from Timebeat is the industry-leading solution for synchronizing time across multiple devices in local and wide-scale settings. Adaptable and open-hardware based, the product guarantees complete interoperability and maximum clock sync security. Timebeat offers the perfect solution for environments that require precise accurate sync but don't need state-of-the-art holdover.

Open Source and closed source sync stack compatable

The TimeCard mini operates with open sync stacks as well as pairing perfectly with Timebeat's Enterprise sync software. 

  • The Open Time Server

    With out of this world performance, the Open Time Server can supply over 1 million unicast sessions and is fully customisable for your holdover requirements.

    Open Time Server 
  • The OCP-TAP TimeCard

    With its flexible open design you can customise to suit your environment. With Rubidium, Caesium and Quartz options performance Vs budget is simple.

    OCP-TAP TimeCard 
  • The TimeCard mini

    Small yet powerful, the TimeCard mini can deliver impactful performance from a small and flexible form factor. Deploy at scale without the cost

    TimeCard mini 
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Even Rubidium!

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Performance vs budget

Customisable with oscillator options, multiple GNSS modules, smart sensors and even CM4's.

You can get the right performance based on your budget. The TimeCard mini is the most affordable and best value for money option for high precision synchronisation solutions that gives you exactly what you need.

Pioneering in the world of clock synchronisation

We strive to make high precision clock syncrhonisation tools and technology accessible to the world at great value and to fit any budget. Through working heavily in the OCP-TAP working group and community we are paving the way to democratise precision timing and revolutionise the technology landscape with the possibilities which are enabled thorugh precision timekeeping.


Making our Network Clocks More Precise for the Metaverse

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