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Intel i225-T1 with SDP headers and a U.FL breakout board

Intel i225-T1 with SDP headers and a U.FL breakout board

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The Intel i225-T1 2.5Gbps exposes 3 software definable pins (SDPs) but Intel has not attached the headers. 

So we've done the job for them and made a matching U.FL breakout board to make connections easy.

The i225 is so much cooler than the i210 because it does PTM so you can use PTP_SYS_OFFSET_PRECISE to get near lossless sync between the PHC and the system clock using the igc driver in Linux.

We also provide v3 of our breakout board with U.FL to SMA connectors and dip switches for 50ohm termination - but only if you ask nicely... :-) 

Comes with both full and half width brackets.

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