Open Time Server: G0kK-0ff

£9,800.00 - £20,100.00
Oscillator: Rubidium
TimeCard: Single
Network card 10/25Gbps: Single
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Regular price £10,800.00
Regular price Sale price £10,800.00

The G0kK-0ff Grandmaster Clock is a revolutionary innovation in clock technology, making multi-tenant clock systems achievable with Timebeat's vGMC technology. 

Customizable to your specific needs with options for dual network cards and dual Rubidium TimeCards, this system is not only a powerhouse in the clock sync world but fully redundant. Experience the power of this rack-mountable grandmaster clock today!

The G0kK-0ff is a sleek, and powerful grandmaster clock that can distribute >1,000,000 PTP sessions   It's an unbeatable combination of robust performance and scalability, delivering a reliable solution for any application. Experienced professionals and amateur hobbyists alike can unleash the power of the G0kK-0ff Grandmaster Clock.


The Open Time Server is a project born from the OCP-TAP community to democratise time, to find out more and join the community check out: The Open Time Server Site

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