PPS Frequency Distribution Card

Bracket length: Short Bracket
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Regular price £465.00
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The Timebeat frequency distribution card comes in half-height or full-height form factor and offers 7 fixed outputs. 1 fixed internal input and 1 configurable external input/output.

With a PCIe-based design, this card makes frequency distribution easier than ever. The standard 4 outputs can be expanded externally through 3 internal MMCX connectors when using the long-form factor bracket.

Additionally, a single SMA input can be used externally or as a backup for the internal MMCX connector. In cases where both internal and external frequency inputs are connected, the internal takes priority and will switch to the external input if the internal frequency fails.

The board boasts a total clock skew of 50 picoseconds. 

This unit is capable of 1Hz to 200Mhz.

The Timebeat frequency distribution card is the ideal solution for PPS breakouts in datacentre environments as well as extending solutions such as White Rabbit or high precision PPS distribution.


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