Septentrio Mosaic-T GNSS receiver (AtomiChron® ready)

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Regular price £750.00
Regular price £999.00 Sale price £750.00

At Timebeat, we proudly introduce our cutting-edge Precision Timing and Navigation Solution, meticulously designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern applications. With dedicated timing features, all-in-view satellite tracking, and advanced security measures, the Septentrio Mosaic-T module sets the standard for reliability, accuracy, and innovation in the industry.

Key Features:

  1. Dedicated Timing Features:
    • Equipped with specialized inputs for precise time and clock synchronization.
  2. All-in-View Satellite Tracking:
    • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency capability ensures optimal satellite coverage.
  3. Reliability and Security:
    • Best-in-class reliability and robust security measures guarantee precise and accurate timing in any environment.
  4. NMA (Navigation Message Authentication):
    • Concurrent NMA support for all four GNSS constellations, complemented by our optional AtomiChron™ service.
  5. Exceptional Accuracy:
    • Achieve sub-nanosecond accuracy, <1ns, relative to the Fugro AtomiChron™ timescale, regardless of your global location, with our optional AtomiChron™ service.
  6. AIM+ Advanced Anti-Jamming and Anti-Spoofing:
    • Industry-leading technology, including unique interference monitoring and mitigation, safeguards your system against unauthorized interference.
  7. Advanced GNSS+ Algorithms:
    • Our product incorporates advanced algorithms for robust operation, ensuring consistent performance in challenging conditions.
  8. Ultra-Low Power Consumption:
    • Industry-leading power efficiency enhances sustainability and reduces operating costs.
  9. Ease of Integration:
    • Designed for seamless integration and optimized for automated assembly, saving you time and resources during implementation.

Our Precision Timing and Navigation Solution is engineered to empower your applications with unrivaled precision, reliability, and security. Trust in Timebeat to deliver the technological edge your project demands. Elevate your standards with our innovative solution today.

You can find more information about Septentrio’s GNSS resilience on this link

Link to mosaic-T page

Link to Septentrio home page

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