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TimeCard Mini PCIe Card Pre-Order bundle deal

TimeCard Mini PCIe Card Pre-Order bundle deal

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GNSS module option


For a limited time, you can pre-order the TimeCard Mini PCIe card in a bundle with any of the Timebeat GNSS modules and receive 50% off the TimeCard Mini PCIe price.

This limited-time offer is for pre-orders only. You can expect to receive the TimeCard mini PCIe Card and bundled option module in February/March 2023.

The PCIe carrier board can be used to get NMEA (time, position, navigation) and 1PPS in any server and can also be used as a standard CM4 carrier board.

It presents two serial ports in the operating system (standard Linux kernel ok, no custom drivers required):

- 1x to the U-blox module on the Timecard Mini (if present) and

- 1x to the CM4 serial console (if present).

Plus you've got access to the in-band ethernet port in the CM4, microSD card etc.

The uses are endless, but with our free Timebeat software which runs both on x86_64 and ARM you can build grandmasters and high accuracy clock sync clients to your hearts content at prices never seen before.

The Timecard Mini is part of the Timecard ecosystem in production with some of the biggest hyper-scalers in the world today.

The bundled GNSS module is currently available with three best-in-class modules from world leader Ublox:

  • LEA-M8F <-- you won't get better performance than this anywhere!
  • LEA-M8S
  • MAX-M10S

All are the latest generation products and perform better than any alternative in their class. This is Swiss quality and design clock modules, not Chinese copies.

All modules support all GNSS constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS and SBAS) in either a single of multi-constellation configuration. 

The LEA-M8F supports market-leading 100ppb holdover and is the flagship product.

All modules contain a built-in TCXO (temperature-compensated oscillator), which allows for short-term holdover, maintaining a level of accuracy to UTC in the event the GPS signal is lost.


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Timebeat's vGMC technology is the perfect compliment to the G0KK-1 Series scaling capabilities. With thousands of PTP sessions available on demand and completely seperate.

If you operate a TaaS environment you should really take a closer look into vGMC

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