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UBLOX ZED-F9T-00B-01 compatible with OCP-TAP TimeCard

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Introducing the cutting-edge ZED-F9T module from u-blox, a masterpiece of precision in timing technology.

At its core, the ZED-F9T is a multi-band GNSS receiver, delivering unparalleled nanosecond-level timing accuracy. It's not just accurate; it's precise enough to meet the most stringent 5G timing requirements, making it an essential tool for the future of telecommunications.

What sets the ZED-F9T apart is its global reach. With support for GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception, it's ready for deployment anywhere on Earth. Plus, it remains unfazed by ionospheric errors, ensuring unwavering accuracy under any sky.

For those seeking ultimate accuracy in local timing, the differential timing mode is at your disposal. It takes precision to the next level, perfect for mission-critical applications.

But that's not all. Security is paramount, and the ZED-F9T comes equipped with built-in security features, ensuring the highest robustness against malicious attacks. Your timing data remains safe and secure.

Elevate your timing solutions to the next level with the ZED-F9T module - where precision, reliability, and security converge to shape the future of timing technology.

Multi-band GNSS receiver with nanosecond-level timing accuracy
Meets the most stringent 5G timing requirements
Ideal for global deployments due to GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception
Unaffected by ionospheric errors
Differential timing mode for highly accurate local timing
Built-in security for highest robustness against malicious attacks

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