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No matter what you're working on for your time synchronization project, we've got a solution to knock your socks off! Whether it's different time synchronization protocols, open-source approaches, or the smallest holdover accuracy, we've got it all.
You name it, we've got it covered!

Project Ideas

  • Global Time Synchronisation Network for Distributed Systems

    Create a Global Time Synchronisation Network (GTSN) to offer precise and reliable time synchronisation services for distributed systems and applications operating in different geographical locations, facilitating accurate coordination and consistency of time across various interconnected devices and networks.

  • Multi-Sensor Fusion for High-Accuracy Time Synchronisation in GPS-Denied Environments

    Develop a robust time synchronisation system using multi-sensor fusion techniques to achieve high accuracy in GPS-denied environments. By integrating data from sensors, the system will provide reliable time synchronisation for underground mines, indoor facilities, and urban canyons where GPS signals are unreliable or unavailable.