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What's the different between editions?

  • Open Timecard Mini Gold

    Will come with: 

    -Timebeat OCXO SiTIME expansion module SiT5721

  • Open Timecard Mini Platinum

    Will come with:

    Timebeat OCXO SiTIME expansion module SiT5721

    Intel i226 network card with Timebeat PPS breakout board

  • Open Timecard Mini Platinum+

    Will come with:

    Timebeat OCXO SiTIME expansion module SiT5721

    Intel E810-XXVDA2 with Timebeat custom bracket and PPS breakout.

Introducing Open Timecard Mini, the top solution for syncing time across multiple devices in local and wide-scale settings. This adaptable and open-hardware based product ensures complete interoperability and maximum clock sync security. Offers an all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution for clock sync.

Customize your own Open Timecard Mini with the following components, which offer different features:

1. CM4 PCIe IO board: Effortlessly unlock precise time synchronization with the TimeCard Mini Base Board. This PCIe carrier board seamlessly integrates NMEA signals and 1PPS without requiring custom drivers, bringing unparalleled accuracy to your projects.

2. Raspberry Pi CM4 Multi-constellation GPS/GNSS module: Contains a built-in TCXO (temperature-compensated oscillator), allowing for short-term holdover and maintaining accuracy to UTC in the event the GPS signal is lost. The Timebeat CM4 Module easily attaches to the CM4 IO board via 100-pin connectors.

3. Timebeat GNSS module riser board: Offers a secure and reliable method of placing the CM4 at the optimal height when using a Timebeat GNSS module, ensuring accurate performance and efficient data transfer.

4. SiT5711 OCXO Expansion Module: This is the industry’s smallest Stratum 3E OCXO with ±5 ppb frequency stability. The 5 parts-per-billion capable oscillator module enables enterprise-grade holdover on high-end u-blox LEA (-M8S and -M8F) based multi-constellation GPS / GNSS modules.

5. Network Adapter 25GbE (with 1PPS)- based on Intel E810-XXVDA2: A cutting-edge marvel designed to redefine precision and connectivity. Built upon the solid foundation of Intel E810-XXVDA2, this adapter takes synchronization and network performance to a new dimension.

6. Intel-i226 with SDP headers and a U.FL PPS breakout board: This i226 is capable of doing PTM and can use PTP_SYS_OFFSET_PRECISE to achieve near lossless sync between the PHC and the system clock using the igc driver in Linux.

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